ZikanZil - last minute offer from Kokonet


All the spectators who packed the theatre were treated with an unforgettable show which was very lively.

Two additional shows were held on Wednesday and yesterday at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri featuring local artist Jude Ally and some other popular artists from the region.
All artists taking part in the ZikanZil festival will perform in a musical jam session in front of the National Art Council building this afternoon. This open air show which will start at 1600hrs will be free.

For the final show which will take place tomorrow at the UniSey auditorium at Anse Royale, Kokonet (which is the main sponsor of the event) is offering special deal to those wanting to attend the show. Anyone bringing a copy of this article to the Kokonet sales office at Huteau Lane or Pirates Arms will get a discount when purchasing ticket for the final show. On top of that Kokonet is offering a FREE Kokotalk card of SCR50 value with all the ZikanZil tickets. Jany De Letourdie, Ralf and Abaji from France will be the one entertaining the crowd in tomorrow’s show.

For more details on this offer feel free to contact us on 4322000 or visit one of our sales offices.

Sponsored by Kokonet