Vegetarian food for a healthy you


For this reason, local vegetarian Ruth Bru has taken this path for many years and has now brought it one step further by bringing pure vegetarian soya products in the country.
All the products are imported from South Africa-based firm ‘Fry’s Vegetarian’.

The range include chicken-style burgers, chicken style strips, beef-style chunky strips, traditional burgers, spiced burgers, original hot dogs, country herb braai sausages, traditional sausages, slicing sausage (polony), veggie mince and golden crumbed schnitzels.

Ruth says their next consignment will also comprise ‘Like chicken and mushroom pie’, ‘Like pepper steak pie’, ‘Louisiana chicken-style tenders’ and ‘chicken-style pops’.

“All our products have no meat, egg or dairy and they are cholesterol free and have no artificial colorants and hydrogenated fats.”

She says these foods do not contain genetically modified ingredients, are an excellent source of protein as vegetarians often have difficulty finding a high protein meal alternative.

Becoming vegetarian or having meat free days has many health benefits such as reducing heart disease, fighting diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, many cancers, hypertension, asthma, curbing obesity, extending life span and reducing carbon footprint, Ruth adds.

She is on this diet and feels good about it and wants to encourage more people to follow this healthy lifestyle or even switch to vegetarian products every now and then.

Fry’s Vegetarian has been endorsed by the Vegan Society of the UK, the Vegetarian Society of the UK, the Kosher Parev Mahadrin, Halaal and Shuddha.

If you want to try them out, Ruth is selling these delicious and healthy products at an affordable price on wholesale but the Fry’s Vegetarian delicacies can also be bought in several well known local shops such as Sekaar shopping centres, Grocer’s Supermarket, Citimart, Kannus, Krishnamart Supermarket, Quincy Mall, CBJ, Green Acre, Victoria Petrol Station Supermarket, Mohan Shopping Centre, Kumar Kumar or wherever the Fry’s poster is displayed.

For more information about Fry’s Vegetarian products call Ruth on tel: 2593222.

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