Jouel reveals ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’ crown


Contestants and Miss Jorre de St Jorre in a souvenir photograph with the crown in the foreground

Jouel of Kenwyn House, which is also sponsoring diamond jewellery for the crowned winner as well as for the first and second princesses, held the fundraising event in support of the theme ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ – a fundamental aspect of the Miss World beauty pageant.

Present at the event were culture principal secretary Benjamine Rose who delivered a short address, the special adviser for culture to the Minister for Tourism and Culture Raymonde Onezime, organisers of the ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’ pageant, representatives of Jouel of Kenwyn House, members of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), representatives of the National Council for Children (NCC), as well as Seychelles Tourism ambassador Dorothy Furneau and other guests.

Crowned Miss Seychelles in 1999, Anna-Mary Jorre de Saint Jorre, graced the event with her presence and the 11 contestants made the most of the opportunity to meet her.

Welcoming the guests, marketing manager of Jouel, Josie Michaud-Payet, said it is an honour for the company to support the ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’ beauty pageant and the theme ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

“Kenwyn House is also proud to be presenting the official crown of ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’,” said Mrs Michaud-Payet.

This is the fourth consecutive time that Kenwyn House is the main sponsor of the crown for the country’s national beauty pageant, explained Mrs Michaud-Payet.

Beautifully encased in a glass display-cabinet, the crown of the pageant was revealed during the welcoming ceremony of the fundraising event, after which guests and the 11 contestants of the 2012 ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’ could view and take souvenir photos of the crown.

The crown, beautifully encased in a glass display-cabinet

The 11 contestants were able to try it on and have their pictures taken wearing a replica of the crown, as well as learn about the gemstones it is embellished with.

As part of the fundraising activity, a small exhibition of photos of the 11 contestants entitled ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ was launched. A donation box has also been placed nearby the exhibited images so that the public can also take part in contributing to the effort of supporting and promoting ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

Some photos have already been purchased by friends or relatives of the contestants, whereas others shall be sold as a set to be exhibited at a locally based establishment. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Events department of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) for more information.

All proceeds from the event and the sale of the photos will go towards the National Council for Children.

Mrs Michaud-Payet said Kenwyn House is proud to be part of this initiative to raise funds for less fortunate children of Seychelles.

She explained that since its establishment in 2004, Kenwyn House has continuously supported social projects, and the commitment towards the Seychelles autism advocacy project is testimony to the effort and dedication of the company.

“It is in this same context that Kenwyn House is happy to be associated in this fundraising initiative of the ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’,” she reiterated.

In her address, Ms Rose explained that the ‘Miss Seychelles ... another world’ pageant is devoted towards the promotion of “Beauty with a Purpose”.

“This national beauty contest, as per the guidelines of Miss World Limited, is showcasing not only the beauty in the conventional sense of the word, but beauty with a purpose,” said Ms Rose.

“To this effect, the pageant’s official crown sponsor, Jouel of Kenwyn House has kindly partnered with the STB to not only sponsor the crown of the Miss Seychelles winner but also made possible the 11-piece exhibition, entitled ‘Beauty with a Purpose’,” she added.

The event ended on a cultural note, where 10 of the contestants performed the traditional moutya dance, while the other girl joined the musicians to play the drums.