Seychelles and China sign accord on transfer of suspected pirates


Ambassador Shi and Minister Morgan exchange documents after signing the agreement

The Chinese ambassador to Seychelles Shi Zhongjun and Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan, who also heads the high-level committee on piracy, signed the accord yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Mr Morgan said it is an important milestone in Seychelles’ active work and role in the field of anti-piracy operations.
The signing of this agreement marks another step in the collaboration that we have with the People’s Republic of China, he said.

“It provides for the collaboration in the law enforcement sight so that the pirates which are captured by the Chinese forces may be brought to Seychelles to face justice,” he said.

“The signing of this agreement proves that Seychelles and China are very strong in terms of the will and the resolve to fight piracy.”

Mr Morgan added that Seychelles is playing a key role alongside China to ensure that pirates do not continue to go unchecked in the western Indian Ocean region.

He added that when they do come within our zone, if they are seen to be hostile and a threat to the economy, sovereignty and safety, Seychelles will take actions to deal with them.

“The agreement that we have with China today represents also another step in the bilateral collaboration and cooperation that we have undertaken in many areas with the Chinese government,” he said.

It is a new area where we are collaborating, an area where Seychelles proves itself as a key partner in the fight against piracy and in the quest to resolve the problem of piracy, he said.

Ambassador Shi said the signing underscores both countries’ determination and efforts in fighting piracy, terrorism and other threats.

He said the agreement demonstrates Seychelles’ devotion to the international anti-piracy undertakings.
“China highly appreciates Seychelles’ contribution and is grateful for its support to the Chinese navy’s escort missions,” he said.

“In the future, China will continue to support Seychelles’ anti-piracy efforts both on a national level and an international level, and will try its utmost to help Seychelles’ anti-piracy capacity building.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam and Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet were also present at the signing ceremony.