Local artists showcase artwork in Europe


The five artists whose works are on display in Venice

They all had the chance to display their works of art at the Manni Art Gallery owned by Claudio Manni in Venice.

The collections which include pieces of realist, impressionist, relief and semi-abstract art are on display until May 30 and Allen Ernesta, spokesperson for the group, said it has been a great experience.

“We all agree it has been a fantastic opportunity and it’s a dream for most of us to have been able to showcase our work abroad,” he said, adding that everything went smoothly for the group.

“The atmosphere is really different – not like the typical exhibitions we have here as it was more of a close-knit group of people who were invited for the viewing,” he said.

Ernesta added that some of their works have already been sold and that Mr Manni will continuously keep them posted on further sales made.

“We want to thank Mr Manni for his hospitality and for making this possible for us as well as the National Arts Council for its financial help.”

Although not present at the time of the exhibition, Colbert Nourrice and Alcide Libanotis also had their works on display.

R. B.