Minister pleased with new health school


Minister Mondon addressing first-year students during her visit at the NIHSS yesterday

Accompanied by NIHSS director Rodney Philo and other management staff yesterday, Minister Mondon toured the renovated building which has all the required facilities for staff and students, and addressed the first-year students, encouraging them to work hard to get good results.

The other students were not present during the minister’s visit as they are doing their practical.

Mrs Mondon said she made the visit to see for herself how the students and staff have settled in at the former North East Point Hospital.

The minister in discussion with the institute’s director and other management staff

She added she is very satisfied with the building which has all the necessary facilities, and added that her ministry will help the institute acquire some more fans to make the classes more comfortable.

“The school also needs some furniture but apart from this both staff and students have settled in well and they want to be based here for good,” said Minister Mondon.

The staff has two bigger staffrooms compared to the one in their old building at Mont Fleuri and students have a bigger library, she said.

She added that with this new spacious building, the NIHSS can now accommodate more students, which will be of great advantage to the Ministry of Health.

Mrs Mondon said the old building which housed the institute on the Ministry of Health’s property has been handed over to that ministry.

Mr Philo said classes are running smoothly though they are still setting up the practical room with new equipment.

“We are very satisfied with the work that has been done on the building as we were consulted when the project was being carried out,” said Mr Philo.

He added that there are no major concerns from staff and students except for the fact that some patients who live in the mental hospital nearby come on the premises.

“We were also concerned with the distance of the school as most staff and students are from the south of Mahe, but arrangements have been made with the Seychelles Public Transport Company so that there are no inconveniences.”

Mr Philo noted that the new building is more conducive to learning.
The renovation to turn the former North East Point Hospital into the new NIHSS has cost the government around R7 million. There are 197 students at the school and the 2012 intake was 75 students.

The institute offers diploma courses in occupational therapy, biomedical, social work, nursing, pharmaceutical dispensary, dental hygiene, environmental health and physiotherapy.

Altogether there are over 25 staff including teaching and support personnel.