Fuel not the cause of cars stalling, says Sepec


This was said by Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec) chief executive Conrad Benoiton on Tuesday. Mr Benoiton was speaking to the press during a familiarisation visit to his company by a delegation headed by the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment Pierre Laporte.
Following complaints by members of the public that the fuel was the responsible for their cars stalling, Sepec sent samples of the commodity to international laboratories to be tested and Mr Benoiton said the results did not show anything wrong with the fuel.

He added that Sepec has “taken some of the spark plugs supplied by local auto parts dealers and sent them to a laboratory in South Africa to help determine what has been causing them to misfire and if they anything to do with the problems reported by the vehicle owners.”

Mr Benoiton noted that “the problem of cars stalling have also been reported in countries like South Africa, but according to the test results the fuel imported by Sepec is not the cause of the problem.”