Seychellois students shine in international arts contest


(L to r) Winning artworks by Esther Stan, Mario Hoareau and La Rosière pupils

Artworks by Seychellois children were awarded three “Honourable Mentions”, which is a great success given the fact that Seychelles took part for the first time, and judges evaluated 26,064 entries from 67 countries (five from the Seychelles), and only 1,434 entries received prizes.

The awarded works were by Esther Stan (11 years) of Baie Lazare primary school, Mario Hoareau (14 years) of English River secondary school, and by students of La Rosière primary school (aged 10-14).

The “Lidice 2012” is the 40th edition of the international exhibition, which is organised to commemorate the child victims of the Czech village of Lidice, as well as all other children who have died in wars.

Lidice was massacred by German Nazis in June 1942 in retaliation for the killing of the Nazi Reichprotektor Reinhard Heydrich.