Athletics: La Digue Eco-Friendly Run-Bibi and Moustache grand winners


..Vadivello, winner of the 10km Masters WomenSimon Labiche overcame his injury to win the men’s masters category, … Labiche won the 10km Masters Men’s racewhile Vivienne Vadivello was invincible in the women’s class of the competition organised by the National Sports Council.

Bibi clocked 51 minutes and seven seconds (51:07) to finish the 10 km race first, ahead of fellow islanders Maureena Fanchette who was second in 1 hour 9 minutes and 59 seconds (1h09:59) and Josiana Rose who finished third in 1h13:40.

In the senior men’s 10km race, Moustache took 39:03 to cross the finishing line first, ahead of Michel Annacoura who was runner-up in 41:09. Medrick Jean Baptiste was third in 45:59.

Vadivello completed the women’s masters 10km race in 55:01, ahead of Florise Ernesta who finished second in 1h01:01 and Maggy Harray who finished third in 1h08:34.

Battling against an injury, Simon Labiche clocked 38:42 to win the masters 10km race, ahead of second-placed Roger Morel who finished in 47:53 and third-place finisher Brian Morel who hit the tape in 52:23.

In the U10 girls’ 1km race, the La Digue trio of Francisca Rose, Frances Rose and Chloe Nibourette were the top three finishers. They clocked 3:54, 3:58 and 4:19 respectively.

The U10 boys’ 1km race was also dominated by runners from La Digue.  Lilian Louis was first in 4:15, ahead of Savio Ernesta who came out second in 4:17 and third-place finisher Achille Esther who took 4:21.

..10km Senior Men winner MoustacheLaurette Philoe, the only contestant in the 1km master women (60 years and over) completed the race in 6:54.

In the U18 girls’ 5km category, Kella Bibi was first in 25:58, ahead of Petra Faure who finished second in 30:36. Jolene Mondon was third in 32:36.

In the boys’ category, Stanio Marie was first in 20:16, ahead of runner-up Raphael Nibourette who clocked 20:46 and third placed Ryan Sardes who finished in 22:26.

Veronique Du Pont was the grand winner of the senior women 5km category. She clocked 26:04, to finish ahead of Gaelle Soundron who was second in 29:34 and Celeste Nibourette who finished third in 30:28.

In the men’s group, Giordano Zabelli finished first in 23:04, while Flavien Racombo was second in 25:50. Robert Benoit finished third in 26:54.

Nadine Du Pont clocked 26:06 to dominate the women’s 5km masters group, ahead of Amanda Didon who was second in 26:30 and Jenna Valentin who finished third in 26:52.

For the men’s race, Brian Parker of Le Rocher was first in 23:28, ahead of second-placed Paul Mondon who clocked 24:55 and third-place finisher Barry Faure who finished in 27:03.

Below are the top three finishers in each category:
1km Girls U10
1. Francisca Rose (3:54 ), 2. Francess Rose (3:58), 3. Chloe Nibourette (4:19)
1km Boys U10 
1. Lilian Louis La Digue (4:15), 2. Savio Ernesta  (4:17), 3. Achille Esther (4:21)
1km Masters Women (60+)
1. Laurette Philoe (6:54)
5km Girls U18         
1.   Kella Bibi  (25:59), 2. Petra Faure (30:36), 3. Jolene Mondon (32:36)
5km Boys U18        
1.   Stanio Marie (20:16), 2. Raphael Nibourette (20:46), 3. Ryan Sardes (22:26)
5km Senior Women
1.   Veronique Du Pont (26.04), 2. Gaelle Soundron (29:34), 3. Celeste Nibourette (30:28)
5km Senior Men
1.  Giordano Zabelli (23:04), 2. Flavien Racombo (25:50), 3. Robert Benoit (26:54)
5km Masters Women         
1.  Nadine Dupont (26:06), 2. Amanda Didon (26:30), 3. Jenna Valentin (26:52)
5km Masters Men          
1.  Brian Parker (23:28), 2. Paul Mondon (24:55), 3. Barry Faure (27:03)

10km Senior Women         
1. Natacha Bibi (51:07), 2. Maureena Fanchette (1h09 :59), 3. Josiana Rose (1h13:40) 
10km Senior Men          
1. Keddy Moustache (39:03), 2. Michel Annacoura (41:09), 3. Medrick Jean Baptiste (45:59) 
10km Masters Women         
1. Vivienne Vadivello (55.01), 2. Florise Ernesta (1h01:01), 3. Maggy Harry (1.08:34) 
10km Masters Men          
1. Simon Labiche (38:42), 2. Roger Morel (47:53), 2. Brian Morel  (52:23)