Africa Day-Russian President congratulates African leaders


President Putin’s message reads:
“Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Africa Day.

“This memorable day is a symbol of the victory of the African people in their fight for freedom and independence, their full-fledged entry into the system of international relations.

“The Russian Federation highly appreciates the positive development of the political and socio-economic life of the African states, their growing role in solving the issues of the global agenda, building a more fair world order. We support vigorous steps taken by the African Union, the Economic Community of Western African States and other multilateral organisations in order to settle crises, strengthen inter-African dialogue, build up their own  peacemaking potential and implement pressing reforms. Taking into account the unstable situation in Mali and Guinea-Bissau, and in Sakhara-Sahelian region as a whole, the above said task is of particular importance. I am confident that the earliest settlement of the conflicts will facilitate the conditions for stable economic growth and progress in Africa.

“We intend to maintain further traditionally friendly relations with the African countries and take an active part in the programmes and projects of the comprehensive assistance to Africa rendered by the UNO, other leading associations – «G8 Group», including «Deauville Partnership» and «New Alliance in the Sphere of Food Security and Nourishment», «G20 Group», BRICS.
“I wish peace and well-being to the leaders and peoples of the African states.”