Keep fit and boost your willpower at home … with no investment


Practicing yoga for up to only two per cent of your time (20 minutes per day) preferably in the morning can achieve this and keep you free from visits to doctors. Your confidence level increases tremendously and you enjoy your life in real sense. Yoga not only keeps you fit and healthy but improves your quality of life, including sex life.

Jeo Jyoti Foundation of India (JJ INDIA) has developed yoga programmes especially for Seychelles keeping in mind the high humidity and environment. The work and present day hectic life is full of stress. Stress tolerance limit and its management improves considerably and the depression becomes a thing of the past when practicing yoga. The programme includes body relaxing exercises from Hat Yoga, praneyaam breathing exercises and meditation to keep your mind stress free. All this is done in twenty minutes only to be followed daily. It is never too late to start the programme and it can be followed even by a person of eighty years once it is learnt properly.

Unlike aerobic or many other exercises, yoga is never tiring and in fact relaxes your body and mind. If anytime your body feels uncomfortable or pain with any exercise it reflects either you are not carrying out the programme properly or the exercise is not suitable for your body. Only if the body is tuned that yoga should be practiced and should be avoided during the period when you are sick or suffering from any ailment. The exercises are carried out in coordination with the breathing to get optimum benefit. If there are ailments and diseases in the world, nature has also created means not only to cure or fight them but prevent the body and mind from such ailments, making you lead a quality life free from any illness.

We are very lucky to be in Seychelles where nature has provided hardly any means of pollution making it a real paradise with 100% pure oxygen. In order to enjoy it in reality we must tune our body and mind to absorb the energy from the environment. With continuous practice of yoga, ageing is delayed and the age signs like wrinkles, joint pains, arthritis and damage to eye sights and hearing does not occur and the immunity develops in the body not only imparting strength to fight the infections but the ageing organs -- including the internal organs like heart, liver, kidney, lungs and the endocrine system in the body -- to rejuvenate.

It is well known that Sarvang Asan makes the body well proportionate and more attractive and is especially recommended for women to maintain and or improve their beauty. JJ INDIA is organising five and seven-day yoga sessions of 20 minutes each day, after which the participants are expected to practice the programme at home independently. No treadmill, cycle or any gymnastic instrument or equipment is required. These sessions can be arranged at any premises including offices as well. JJ INDIA can be contacted for free demonstration without any obligation through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Modules for students and senior citizens are available. A programme also exists for air travellers to practice in aeroplane so as to get down fresh after a long haul voyage inhibiting thrombosis.

Contributed by Surya Khanna
Jeo Jyoti Foundation of India (JJ INDIA)