Children’s Day messages-‘Make good use of all life’s opportunities’


Mrs Michel“Children you have the prosperity of compassion, joy, tenderness, kindness and generosity. We see the world through a different eye because of you - a world without violence, anger and worries. Your very existence gives us hope to work harder in order to build a brilliant and brighter future for you.

“Nevertheless, it is important that as adults, we guide you through life with good moral values and attitude. We have a lot to teach you, just like we learn simplicity, innocence, patience and tolerance from you. We are ready to listen to your desires, encourage you and give you the autonomy to make your own decisions.

“Children should be able to develop holistically. To do that, education and proper guidance in life are of the utmost importance.  A lot of key partners are already there to support and guide you – parents, teachers, the community, without forgetting the government of course, to make our Seychelles a better place for you.

“For you to become what you want to be in life, you will have to learn from your own experiences and mistakes. You must learn to overcome the obstacles that will surely come across your way in life. This will make you become stronger and more knowledgeable in life.

“Children, the effort of your education is in your hands.  This is the key that will open your door for a brighter future.  You have the potential to be more responsible and show the world that you can flourish into exemplary adolescents and adults.  With our guidance and support, you will build a luminous and prosperous future. Use all life’s opportunities thrown your way well, do not hesitate to ask for help and do not be scared to rise and shine.
“Remember you are not alone and that we are proud of you!
“Happy celebration!”

First Lady Natalie Michel
Patron of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation