Diplomats’ spouses call on First Lady-Plan to extend their work to Praslin


Mrs Michel with representatives of the DSA at State House

They briefed Mrs Michel on their organisation’s plans and expressed their appreciation for her support, as two of them who expect to leave the country soon said goodbye.

Its chairperson Lydia Forbes and Brigitte Bianchin-Mignot expect to be involved in charity work in China, where they are headed, as Tatiana Kalinina takes the DSA helm with Lalnunkimi Darlong as her assistant.

They said they hope to extend the DSA’s work to cover Praslin and La Digue, and thanked members of the public whom they said have been supporting the organisation with the funds the DSA has been using to buy donation items.

Launched in July 2010, the DSA of Seychelles is made up of the wives of the heads of diplomatic missions in Seychelles.

The organisation was inspired by the members’ experience of similar associations in capital cities ranging from Rangoon to Mexico City, from Reykjavik to Pretoria.

The DSA seeks to promote friendship between the outside world and Seychelles and benefit the people of Seychelles. Its primary role is fundraising for charities.

It supports charities of Seychelles mainly by donating items purchased through fundraising. It also brings highlights to certain causes and gives the general public a chance to help through supporting its events. Charities that the DSA have benefited include the Children’s Homes Foundation (now called the Seychelles Children’s Foundation) – which is headed by Mrs Michel – and the Mother Teresa Mission.