Jouel hosts special party for children with autism


The children, their parents and Jouel staff in a family photograph in the gardens of Kenwyn House where the party took place

The special party was organised by Jouel in collaboration with the Seychelles Children’s Foundation (SCF).

The activity is part of the autism advocacy partnership that Jouel has with the foundation, a two-year agreement between the two parties which was signed recently by the managing director of Jouel Rod Thorrington and chairperson of SCF First Lady Natalie Michel.

Under the agreement, Jouel sponsors an agreed list of events, activities, materials, equipment and professional development of service providers working with children having autism.

All the activities and programmes sponsored by Jouel relate to advocacy, awareness, support and research over the two-year duration of the project.

Autism is a disorder of neural development and is characterised by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour.

The party was organised to put a face to this condition as part of the awareness effort to the autism cause.

It also aimed at highlighting the commitment and support of Jouel in raising awareness of autism in the country as well as supporting these children and their parents.

During the gathering, the children received gifts and spent time playing on a bouncy castle, while their parents had the chance to interact with one another.