Sepec reports ‘minor’ oil spill at fishing port


A communiqué from Sepec said the incident, which occurred at 6.45am yesterday, is believed to have been caused by a burst underground gasket which allowed fuel to overspill in the manhole and in the sea surrounding the fishing port and Naval Services.

“The incident which is considered to be a very minor spill happened at the time that a vessel was being bunkered. The spill was quickly contained by the Sepec team on duty through the immediate shutting down of all valves and ceasing of the bunkering operation,” said the communiqué.

It said an evaluation carried out in consultation with the Department of Environment, Seychelles Coast Guards and Sepec immediately after, revealed that the volume of spill was small and was limited to only the surrounding waters of the port.

The fact that gasoil is considered as a “white” product as opposed to fuel oil which is considered “dirty”, only minimal dispersant has been used and the remaining gasoil will be left to evaporate, a process which is hastened by the hot temperature during the day.

After the incident Sepec closed off its pipelines leading to the fishing port to undertake repairs and was expected to resume its bunkering operations at the fishing port by the end of the day.