Seychelles hosts top Brazilian fashion brand photo shoot


Minister St Ange and STB officials in a souvenir photograph

Alain St Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture and Elsia Grandcourt, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, hosted the MOB fashion shoot delegation to a Seychellois Creole dinner at Chez Batista restaurant.
MOB is the well known and respected brand in the women's fashion field in Brazil.

For over fifteen years MOB has been under the guidance of Angelo Campos and Marcelo Dib, two very influential personages in the Brazilian fashion industry.

Today, the company owns 21 stores in São Paulo, has seven franchises in other major cities in Brazil (Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Florianopolis, Goiânia and Porto Alegre), in addition to one prompt delivery and four representative offices that are responsible for distributing its products to more than 400 retail outlets nationwide.

“We are thrilled with this MOB photo shoot. They chose Seychelles and they left us happy. The weather was at its best, the warm Seychellois hospitality impressed them, the clear and clean turquoise blue seas took their breath away and the white and very clean sandy beaches were the cherry on the cake for them,” said Minister St Ange.

“We now know that the return on investment will be big and it is planned that I will personally travel to Brazil in August accompanied by the CEO of the tourism board for the launch of their magazine that was shot in Seychelles. This trip will coincide with a tourism workshop based on the twin center campaign where we shall also hold press conferences,” added the minister.

Meanwhile, Gisele Abrahão, the agent from Brazil who was responsible for organising the photo shoot in Seychelles has written saying: “Your country is truly a paradise (I have no words to describe how fascinating this place is) and I can assure you MOB´s Summer 2013 fashion catalogue will be, by far, the most amazing catalogue they have ever produced.”

“The ROI Seychelles Tourism Board and partners will get from this activity will be just amazing! The great news is that MOB just confirmed that in addition to all of their regular marketing and promotional activities they will have a massive advertising campaign (Movie/TV) to promote their next catalogue (Seychelles),” she said.

MOB´s consumers have bold attitude, are extremely well-informed, independent, and connected to global trends. They are loyal to the brand, very affluent and clearly enjoy all of the good things in life (fashion, travel, cuisine, culture and leisure). They are mostly from the upper social class in Brazil) and their age varies from 25 to 45 years.

Every year MOB launches two major campaigns – Summer and Winter Catalogue. MOB´s reputation and influence in the fashion industry is always evident by the incredible spontaneous media coverage all of their campaigns receive in Brazil.

MOB´s campaigns are innovative, bold and always count with the participation of the best professionals in the fashion industry, such as Jacques Dequeker, one of the best, most renowned, fashion photographers in Brazil.

The past MOB Campaigns – Summer 2012 and Winter 2012 -- were held in Barbados and Denmark respectively, in partnership with the tourism boards, hoteliers, DMCs and restaurants from both destinations.

MOB catalogue was proven to be a very effective and efficient marketing tool to promote Barbados and Denmark as great tourism destinations of a choice in the Brazilian market, always using an unusual and incredibly influential approach: the “fashion language”.

In order for MOB to ensure or even overcome the great results from their past campaigns, MOB chose Seychelles to be the highlight destination in the next 2013 Summer Fashion Catalogue. They were working on their photo shooting in Seychelles from May 21 to May 26, 2012.

Besides its amazing natural beauty, hospitable people, unique cuisine and incredible charm of its landscapes, they chose Seychelles as they believe this very elegant and sophisticated group of islands matches perfectly with MOB’s image and reputation in this market.