President pledges to stay connected with community


President Michel ever attentive to the problems of people in the community

The resumption follows government restructuring in which he appointment a new cabinet of ministers in March and after finalising the plans and targets of the ministries, which the ministers will now start implementing.

“I will intensify my visits to the district where I meet the people, where I see what their problems are and I can be more informed of the issues on the ground so that I can better direct government to address the various issues that are not only affecting the districts but are common at national level,” Mr Michel said in an interview.

“These districts visits are very important. I will continue to remain in touch with the communities, with my people, so that I can continue to serve them well. We need to focus on the education services at Port Glaud as well as look at the social issues that are affecting the community.”

Mr Michel was accompanied by the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Vincent Meriton, member of the National Assembly for Port Glaud Sultanne Jacqueline, the district’s administrator Maisy Port-Louis, the principal secretary for Presidential Affairs Lise Bastienne and the principal secretary for community development and sports Denis Rose.

He visited various parts of the Port Glaud district including the DA’s office and the renovated community centre, where he held discussions with Ms Port-Louis about the needs and development projects of the community.

He then called on Ginette Gamatis, a former member of the National Assembly and her family, and took the opportunity to thank her for the valued contributions towards the community – the society as a whole, and as a pioneer of the SPUP-SPPF party.

He visited Lisette Mondon who has two children with severe disabilities and has requested special assistance for their condition.

The delegation also visited Aqua Spring Water at Beolière which is a small growing business owned by France Hoareau. The President described such business as “an excellent initiative” and congratulated Hoareau on this venture and wished him success for further development and prosperity. He then visited the new housing estate at Beolière to see how it has developed.

He said the visit helped him examine the ever evolving problem of housing, noting that Seychelles builds more houses than any other country per capita, but new families keep coming up with couples getting children and thus getting priority over other people who may have been waiting for a house.

He said the government will continue to look for the fairest way of allocating houses, while also educating the public about the constraints of forming families at a rather early age and the need for them to plan better.

The visit also helped Mr Michel to address education issues, in particular how to help Port Glaud school more with pertinent matters.