Volleyball: Cool Volley Festival-Kids ‘Play it Cool’ at Freedom Square


Kids enjoying the first ‘Cool Volley’ festival

Cool Volley is a proactive development tool aimed at assisting national federations to recruit youth through their projects at a national level. Each federation can download a complete set of the Cool Volley campaign and rebrand it in line with its needs and goals. Cool Volley also promotes volleyball as an easy, fun, and competitive way of playing.

Its main goals are to spread volleyball at a national level, develop new opportunities for volleyball and create interest and passion.

Among its educational goals, Cool Volley is also aimed at providing opportunities for children and young people to enjoy sport, make new friends, learn new skills, acquire habits of self-discipline, learn to cooperate, to compete fairly and thus occupy their free-time.

It will also foster personal relationships between young people, with other Cool Volley centres and clubs, with coaches, referees and with other people connected to the sporting community.

It has beginners’ level (8-10 years old), stage one (youth – students 11-12 years old) and stage two (youth – students 13-15 years old).