Town-bound traffic to keep right at Roche Caiman


Workmen marking the road yesterday

The left lane will serve as an acceleration lane and signs drawn on the road yesterday indicate the drivers should move to the right lane, said LTA chief executive Parinda Herath.

Immediately after the section, however, the drivers will keep left as usual when they share the road with oncoming south-bound traffic.

Mr Herath said the LTA has observed that vehicles have been keeping left leaving the overtaking lane free, but rogue drivers have been abusing the situation, racing down the nearly empty lane and harassing those on the left at the end of the overtaking lane.

“The new situation correctly gives right of way to the driver on the right and a vehicle on the left must give priority to one on the right,” he said, adding the previous arrangement led to many near-crashes and a few accidents.

Drivers on site yesterday were skeptical that the new arrangement will improve the situation, and nearly all motorists ignored the signs as soon as workmen finished marking the road.

Mr Herath said the LTA will observe how traffic behaves, adding there were no plans to put wardens on site to guide traffic today.

“We might put wardens there on alternate days to educate motorists about the change, but we expect drivers to obey the road signs,” he said.

He also told Nation work to replace a crumbling bridge near the Marine Charter is finished, and the LTA is giving the cement making the new structure time to cure before it is reopened next week. The new bridge has a footpath and guardrails which the old one did not have.

Pedestrians walking on the new bridge that has a footpath and guardrails, unlike the old one. The bridge is ready and will be opened next week

He also thanked Hari builders who built a new bus shed at the Seychelles Hospital bus stop after the previous shelter was crashed by a falling tree.