New road to help avoid Roche Caiman roundabout


Heavy equipment preparing the proposed bypass road yesterday (Photo by GT)

Chief executive Parinda Herath of the Land Transport Agency (LTA) said the new road is due to be opened any time in an effort to ease rush-hour traffic jams, adding the move is part of a bigger effort to ease congestion by widening the road in the area, adding a lane so two lanes enter and leave the roundabout.

Drivers wishing to join the Bois de Rose road on their way to town will not have to enter the roundabout along with those who wish to turn right towards Eden Island or those who wish to go to the sports complex or the Victoria petrol station, he said.

He said the LTA is still assessing the situation at the Roche Caiman bridge where the LTA has marked on the road for drivers to use the right side lane and not the left on their way to town.
Many drivers say the change has only brought confusion and increased rather than reduced the risk of accident.

Yesterday, cones had been put at the exit of the roundabout near Eden Island to encourage drivers to turn to the right lane, but clearly not every motorist was persuaded in time as some drove through the cones.

Some say the LTA should have just closed the lane on the right, prompting Mr Herath to say if the current arrangement does not improve the situation, the LTA will consider other alternatives.