Seychelles wins 5th position in Rio+20 global youth music contest-President congratulates Seychellois contestants


The group in a souvenir photograph with President Michel

President met the group yesterday at State House in the presence of the President’s Office principal secretary Lise Bastienne and that of Environment and Energy Wills Agricole.

Also there were several local artists who have helped the young talents to produce the good work; these include Joe Samy, Patrick Victor and Raymond Clarisse.

During the meeting Anthea Laurence, the winner of an international essay competition for school, was also congratulated by Mr Michel.

This competition entitled:  Dear Mr. UN secretary-general, was also an event leading up to the earth summit.

Miss Laurence, who is from the Beau Vallon secondary school, wrote about the effects of climate change in Seychelles.

Mr Michel said the group has shown that young Seychellois are really talented and they have made Seychelles proud.

He said the song echoes the concerns of small island states and this is also another victory for Seychelles.

He added that Seychelles is being well represented at the Rio+20 earth summit in Brazil and that “we are the champions of the cause of the small island states”.

Mr Michel thanked the young artists for their remarkable talents and all those who have supported them all along.

He also got the chance to listen to the 11 young talents performing the chorus of the song.
Among the main singers in the group are Tania Jeremie, Jude Beaudoin, Michael Savy, Dean Estico and Martin Lebon.

The Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest is a global competition for young people organised by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges. It gives the youths the opportunity to express their hopes, concerns and thoughts on the future of our earth through music.

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