Public Service Day, June 23-President calls for ‘smart action’


President Michel

The call comes in his message on the occasion of Public Service Day being celebrated today.
The full text of President Michel’s message reads:

“On the occasion of International Public Service Day, today, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the contribution of all public sector workers in Seychelles in the development of our country.

“While the private sector is the engine of economic growth, the public sector has a fundamental role in creating the enabling environment and framework which allows everyone, whether as a citizen, or a private company, to contribute effectively to the development of the New Seychelles.

“I have recently undertaken a major restructuring of the public sector. Every government ministry, department and agency has developed a five-year plan of action based on the manifesto I presented to the electorate in 2011. Now is the time to ensure that these plans of action are properly implemented and monitored. My government will remain a listening government, always receptive and ready to respond to the concerns of its citizens.

“These sentiments are embodied in this year’s theme for Public Service Day: Striving for Seychelles – Towards a More Connected Public Service – from Restructuring to Service Delivery. It is a call for smart action. Let each one of us focus on not only doing our work well, but also doing it better, faster and smarter.

“I salute every public sector worker for his or her role in bringing this theme alive in every work place. “Let us always strive for excellence and integrity in service delivery. Let our public service be one that retains the respect and confidence of our people. Let the public sector lead by example. I wish all public sector workers a very Happy Public Service Day.

“I am confident that with your devotion and hard work, our nation will continue to consolidate and build on our successes, and to overcome the challenges that we must face. Together, we shall succeed.”