Concern over road at Carana


Everybody is aware that this road is very hazardous for vehicles travelling downhill from the north because of the fact that not only it is steep, but also for the bare cliffs below bordering the sea side of it.

There is in addition a dangerous bend that turns seaward like an invitation to go there, and that also stops one from seeing oncoming vehicles going north and should there be any accident or another form of mishap any vehicle is likely to end up on the rocks below. Bus loads of school children travel every day down this road which is increasingly being used by bowsers and other large vehicles carrying construction material north. One hates to think what could be the consequences if the worse were to happen.

My concern, which is shared by other people I know, lies with the fact that the relevant authorities have not yet found it necessary to have safety barriers placed alongside that road, like they are waiting for something dreadful to happen before doing so.

It is not that they are not aware of the danger; I have personally brought the matter to the attention of appropriate people, and it seems that it is to little or no avail.
May I thank you for your understanding.

A concerned citizen and driver