Celebrating 36 years of Independence


All the focus will be on them as they shine on the Stad Linite tracks and their peers cheer in a joyful atmosphere that can only be possible in a country that has liberty, peace and unity.

Their strength reflects the health of our nation where every effort is made to ensure the children’s wellbeing, which shows the investment our government, parents, teachers and other Seychellois are making in them.

We need to continue investing in children because they are our future, and the biggest input we can make is ensuring our unity remains our strength as a nation.

This policy was again highlighted in President James Michel’s speech on National Day last week when he said:

“And, speaking of the future, I have a special thought for the youth. I have said it before that this country belongs to us all, but in a certain perspective it belongs more to the children and the youth who are coming up.

 They have a bigger stake in the future than those of us in the older generation. The future is fully theirs.

We will continue to do our best so that our country and society is one which will make us proud and happy for them to inherit.

“At the same time they have a duty to prepare themselves to become capable people who will
assume all the responsibilities in society. It is important that they grow up and develop well;
that they develop their full potential.”

The tradition of dedicating Independence Day to our children started immediately after we gained self-rule, and watching them take part in the championships in a good physical and socio-political environment is one of the benefits of the freedom we must preserve by working hard and in unity.

Besides the athletic championships, the other major event planned to mark Independence Day anniversary tomorrow is a flag-raising ceremony at the ‘Voice of Our Nation’ monument on 5th June Avenue.