36th annual Inter-School Athletics Championships-Will La Digue and Praslin secondary achieve hat-tricks?


The answer will be known tomorrow, at the 36th annual Inter-School Athletics Championships which take place at the Stad Linite, starting at 10am.

The event, which coincides with the country’s Independence Day anniversary, will begin with the traditional march past by the athletes, before getting green light from Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon.

The 36th championships will feature 104 events – both track and field – which is two more than last year. The newly added events are 1500m and high jump in the Girls’ open category.

La Digue primary …

La Digue retained the Primary School title last year with 105 points and 10 medals – six gold, two silver and two bronze – after winning the title in 2010.

… and Praslin secondary will be attempting for a third title

As for Praslin secondary, last year they retained their title won in 2010 after winning nine gold, 12 silver and 13 bronze medals, for a grand total of 380 points. They have previously kept the title for five consecutive years – in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 – before being dethroned by Anse Royale in 2009.

In the Post-Secondary category, the Seychelles Police Academy (SPA) is the defending champions, after taking over from the Maritime Training Centre at last year’s competition. They finished with 115 points, after harvesting 13 medals – four gold, four silver and five bronze.

As for the President’s Fair Play Cup for competitors at primary level, Grand Anse Praslin are the current holders, after winning it last year with 115 points, while their secondary counterparts won the title for the secondary level with 106 points.

The President’s Fair Play Cup for competitors in the post-secondary is being held by the SPA, after taking over from the University of Seychelles (UniSey) at last year’s championships. Their grand total was 110 points.

The Baie Ste Anne primary school were the winners of the special under-14 best primary cup winners with 18 points, while Au Cap won the best small primary school title with 56 points.

Last year’s category winners were:

Plaisance primary (joint first with Anse Aux Pins boys’ under 8 with 14 points, girls’ under 8 with 24 points);

Anse Aux Pins (joint first with Plaisance boys’ under 8 with 14 points, boys’ under 12 with 31 points); La Digue primary
(girls’ under 10 with 33 points); Anse Boileau primary (boys’ under 10 with 25 points, girls’ under 12 with 34 points); Anse
Royale secondary (girls’ under 14 with 33 points); Plaisance (girls’ under 16 with 90 points); Praslin secondary (boys’ under 14 with 41 points, boys’ under 16 with 82 points, girls’ under-18 with 89 points, boys’ under-18 with 70 points); SPA (girls’ open with 57 points) and Seychelles Institute of Technology (boys’ under 18 with 78 points).