New Malawian HC designate accredited


Ms Gomile-Ghidyaonga presents her credentials to President Michel

During her accreditation visit Ms Gomile- Ghidyaonga discussed with President Michel various issues of mutual benefit to both countries.

She also paid a courtesy visit to Vice-President Danny Faure immediately after calling on the President and later in the afternoon she called on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Herminie.
Speaking to the press shortly after, Ms Gomile-Ghidyaonga said her discussions with Mr Michel ranged from the youth to tourism, trade and agriculture.

“Seychelles and Malawi both share a large youth population; in Malawi for example, 50% of the population is under the age of 25, so putting programmes in place to ensure they have proper education and proper training and job opportunities is very important for Malawi,” she said, adding her country will draw lessons from Seychelles as to the programmes it is putting in place for its youths’ development.

“We also talked about tourism, where Seychelles has made significant strides in this industry – especially in the increase in the number of tourists coming to Seychelles, hotel infrastructure, training, so basically Malawi has a lot to learn, even about the legal framework in place, such as the taxes that translate into meaningful development for the country.”

Speaking about agriculture, she said Malawi has made progress with an agricultural subsidy programme – which Seychelles could learn from – where they gave agricultural inputs such as seed and fertiliser to farmers, which then has Malawi today being food exporters instead of food importers.

“We have managed to get our cooperatives to work together, to bring our farmers together to meet the necessary demand for their products to be exported to generate foreign exchange for their country,” she said.

About the first thing she would tackle, Ms Gomile- Ghidyaonga said she would make sure that the bilateral relations are re-invigorated.

“I plan to bring together stakeholders both in Malawi and Seychelles, to sit down and discuss and map a way forward for future cooperation. I will also tackle women’s issues, which I will make sure that they are tackled in meetings of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).”
Ms Gomile-Ghidyaonga will be based in Tanzania.