Health to boost patients’ care, address complaints


Ms LaporteHealth principal secretary Veronique Laporte said this during a press conference at the Seychelles Hospital recently.

She was speaking about some measures which are to take place to increase customer care, staff productivity and accountability as well as how complaints are dealt with.

Ms Laporte said a lot of Seychellois in general do not have confidence in the health system and they are always complaining about it.

“Many Seychellois are still going overseas by their own means for treatment as they have more confidence in the services there.”

She said her minister will announce some new structures which are being put in place to regain the public’s confidence in the health system and try to give those who have any concerns feedback as fast as they can.

“Many patients do come to me with their problems but soon we will launch a new approach where they could forward their concerns to a proper channel for necessary investigations.”

She added that sometimes investigations have to be carried out which might take a while especially if outsiders have to investigate the case.

“And if any negligence is proven, staff will be taken to task,” she said.

Ms Laporte said all complaints will be recorded along with actions which have been taken to tackle them.

“There are some elements of truth in some issues which have been brought to my attention but most often facts are manipulated.”

She is also calling members of the public to come forward and seek advice as well as help from the ministry if they have an issue but they do not entertain anonymous complaints.

Ms Laporte said one of the ministry’s biggest strategies is to put the patients first, relook at what is being done without undermining the professionalism of our staff.