New site identified for children’s playground


Dilapidated play equipment at the Children’s Playground are being pulled down to make the environment safer for the children to play

The new park will stretch from the area behind the Peace Park, along ‘La Promenade’, up to the area behind the English River secondary school, including the open field between the Peace Park and the mini stadium.

Meanwhile work is under way to pull down badly deteriorated play equipment at the current playground to make it safer for the children to play for the time being.

The Ministry of Land Use and Housing is assisting the Seychelles National Youth Council in this process, as the playground is under the responsibility of the council.

The equipment being removed are seen as a potential safety hazard to users of this play area especially children.

Work to take out these play equipment started two weeks ago and these items will not be replaced since the playground will be re-located.

The reason for this relocation is that two projects that are on the cards will make use of part of the current playground. The first is a bypass road which will link the northern part of Mahe with Bois De Rose avenue. Part of this new road will pass through the playground.

The second project is the waterfront development which will comprise a marina, restaurant and other attractions.

Speaking to the media recently, acting principal secretary for Land Use and Housing Yves Choppy said the cost to maintain and repair these play equipment is high.

“Those that are not hazardous will not be removed and children will be able to use them until the project to develop the area starts,” he said.

Referring to the new family fun park which will incorporate the new playground, Mr Choppy said in line with its drive to work in partnership with the private sector, the government wishes to associate with a developer from the private sector for the project.

He added that the maintenance of the park will be a partnership between the government and the developer.

Mr Choppy said the new development must be sustainable so that the government will not have to invest a lot of money to operate and maintain the area, as it has been the case for the Children’s Playground.

“Since it will be an area to be used by the general public especially children and other young groups, we need to ensure that there will be available space for them to host recreational activities,” he said.