Independent School students rewarded for success in international examination


The award winners

They received their certificates recently, after having passed their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams in 2011.

The presentation ceremony, held at the National Theatre, was attended by members of the school’s management and board of governors, parents and teachers.

Forty-three of the students obtained five or more grades between ‘A’* and ‘C’, while 11 students truly excelled, by getting at least seven ‘A’* or ‘A’ grades. Thirteen out of the group scored at least five ‘A’s.

All the results between ‘A’* and ‘B’ add up to 55% while 82% between ‘A’* and ‘C’.
Among those who excelled were Ushna Dhanjee who scored nine ‘A’* and one ‘A’ grade, Maria Evenson who obtained seven ‘A’* and three ‘A’s, followed by Asiyath Afif who scored four ‘A’* and four ‘A’s.

Another one of their colleagues, Dwayne Didon, obtained four ‘A’* and three ‘A’s.
Five other students scored an aggregate of eight or more ‘A’* and ‘A’ grades.

Out of the group who have qualified for the ICE award, 14 have scored distinction and 29 merits.

The school’s director Patrick Berlouis said the school is generally pleased with this result and this serves as testimony to the commitment, dedication and hard work of the teachers and support of the parents.

Mr Berlouis addressing guests at the ceremony

He also talked about the students’ active contribution in extra-curricular activities.
Though pleased with the results, Mr Berlouis said a few students from the group had the potential to perform better than they did in October and November last year.

He said the percentage of the total grades at ‘A’* and ‘A’ comes to 35.8%.
“We believe that this should have been around 43%,” he said.

“Similarly the grades between ‘A’* and ‘C’ comes to 82% of the total, which is seemingly low for this group as they had the calibre to reach 92%,” Mr Berlouis said.