Aviation body rewards long serving workers


Those who were rewarded in a souvenir photograph with guests

In a ceremony held last Friday at the SCAA’s clubhouse, 38 employees were rewarded for having achieved 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service.

The event is an annual one which also commemorates the anniversary of the landing of the first commercial aircraft in Seychelles. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Seychelles international airport.

Friday’s ceremony was attended by the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan and the chairman of the SCAA board David Savy, the SCAA chief executive Gilbert Faure and the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Elsia Grandcourt.

Addressing the audience, Minister Morgan said those who have been with the SCAA for over 30 years, have witnessed the growth of the institution as well as the many changes that have taken place over the decades.

“The last few years might have been a bumpy ride for some of you, but you have persevered,” he said.

“With your diligence and professionalism, I am counting on you to turn those challenges into opportunities and to be role models for those who are younger in the industry.”

Mr Morgan added that during Productivity Week this year, the SCAA has been recognised as one of the most productive companies in Seychelles, mainly for its efforts in capacity building, performance management and staff recognition.

“The industry becomes more and more competitive with each passing day. All of us need to go the extra mile and work as a team to achieve common goals, and we should not only work harder but smarter,” he said.

In receiving their certificates and trophy, eight SCAA employees were also rewarded for clocking up 40 years’ service. These were Jean Baptise Felix, Sybil Gonthier, Lucine Lozaique, Tony King, Melanie Bamboche, Lucie Andre, Anna Durup and Claude Mondon.

After all the awards were handed out, all present got together for a moment of relaxation and socialising.