New plan to promote energy saving culture


Prof. Payet addressing delegates at the opening of the workshop

This was during a half-day workshop held last week at the International Conference Centre in the presence of the Environment and Energy Minister Prof. Rolph Payet.

Also there were the Seychelles Energy Commission and the Public Utilities Corporation chief executives Andrew Jean-Louis and Philippe Morin.

Representatives of several government departments including environment, education and private sector as well as the civil society were present.

The 2012-2014 strategy has been drafted based on consultation with the stakeholders during a meeting in April this year.

The approved version will be launched by the end of this month.
Prof. Payet said the national education campaign is designed to encourage Seychellois to make the jump - to make wise decisions that would impact on their quality of life in the long term.

He said the aim is also to work with all to transform Seychelles into one of the most energy efficient destinations on the planet and in doing so “we will spend less on electricity and have more for other projects”.

“However, we recognise that improving awareness of the need for energy efficiency must be also accompanied by changes in legislation and also availability of efficient technologies in the local shops,” he added.

He said that as work is being done on the education campaign, steps are also being taken by his ministry and the energy commission to bring in a new Energy Act that will create a more dynamic market for stimulating energy efficiency and encourage the import of more efficient appliances into Seychelles. 

During the workshop delegates got an overview of the strategy and the slogan, logo, jingles and TV animation to be used in the campaign were also presented.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy is the lead agency responsible to carry out the strategy. This ministry will be working in partnership with the energy commission and other stakeholders including the Seychelles Petroleum Company and Sustainability for Seychelles.

The partners were also to add their ideas to the proposed strategy in discussion during the half-day meeting.

This strategy is targeting decision-makers, the tourism industry, and importers of electrical appliances, consumers, schools, media, office workers and managers.