Former police superintendent Roger Legras passes away


The late Mr Legras

Born on August 1, 1945 Mr Legras, who passed away on July 2, joined the police force in 1963 at the age of 18 soon after completing his studies at the Seychelles College.

Mr Legras made a career in the police force where he became very popular through the various talks and lectures on policing he delivered in schools around the country and to police cadet officers.

He left the police force in 2003 at the rank of superintendent.

Apart from being devoted to his profession as a police officer, Mr Legras also dedicated some time to his church in the St Joseph parish at Anse Royale where he was very active and always ready to give Father David Alcindor a helping hand.

He was also an active member of the religious movement in the Catholic Church called Neocatechumenal Way since 1981.

A father of three, Mr Legras lost one of his two sons in a tragic road accident eight years ago.
Described as a caring and attentive father and husband by his family and an outgoing, sociable and easy to talk to person by all who has known him, Mr Legras spent his spare time playing dominos.

Mr Legras’ funeral service was held at the St. Joseph Church at Anse Royale on Friday July 6.
He leaves behind his wife Josette, daughter Gretel, son Hendrick and two grandchildren.