MNA Manoo speaks out on personal video in circulation


Dr Manoo was making a personal declaration in the National Assembly yesterday morning about the video in circulation of him and whom he said was his partner at the time of this occurence five years ago.

“Before I became the elected member of the National Assembly for Anse Aux Pins, I had a past just like everyone else. As an adult, I lived certain experiences in my past that I am not necessarily proud of but has become available in the public domain today to invade my private life and that of a woman I had a relation with at the time,” he said.

“What is in circulation today and has been causing headlines in political papers and Facebook postings was the private choice between two adults, a man and a woman, a couple in a relationship five years ago. This document is a personal one, which was in my possession at my home, and unfortunately with the intention to hurt and denigrate me, someone removed these materials from my home and took it to the public domain.”

He added the law states that dissemination of such materials is an offence, and the police are carrying out an investigation.

“But what I can guarantee the people of Seychelles, is that it was not me who disseminated these materials; if they are in the public domain today it is none of my doing,” he said.

“It is for this reason I feel that I should not abandon my district and put a stop to my work as an elected member. I feel that with the support and understanding of the residents of Anse Aux Pins, my work should continue. I took an oath to work for the people of my district and it is exactly what I wish to continue to do,” he said.

Mr Manoo expressed his regret that these materials are now circulating in public and apologised to all who might have been affected in one way or another by it.

“I also thank the people of my district who have supported me and understood my situation in a most difficult moment of my life,” he said.

A personal explanation is possible under Article 35 of the Standing Order of the National Assembly, which states that with the prior leave of the Speaker, any member may make a personal explanation although there be no questions before the assembly. The explanation may not be debated and the member granted the privilege of making such a statement shall not depart from the text submitted in advance and approved by the Speaker.