Andrade wins Camra offshore golf tournament


Winner Andrade is flanked by Messrs Guichard (right) and Zia Rizvi

At the end of the day, Joe Andrade emerged victorious with a net score of 41 points. Hot on his heels was young Patrick Balette, a single handicap golfer, who also came in with a net score of 41 points. Due to the tied scores, a count back, which directly compares two tied golfers’ scores over the holes played, saw Andrade emerge the winner. In third position was Patrick Asba, another single handicap talent, with a net score of 38.

Other consolation prizes were handed out to J. Charles (best front nine score of 21), David Deltel (best back nine score of 20), J. Esther (nearest to the pin) and P. Asba (longest drive).

The prizes were presented by Dominique Guichard, himself a keen golfer, in his capacity as managing director of Côte d’Azur-Mahe registered agent Ltd (Camra). Mr Guichard said he was very pleased with the organisation of the tournament and expressed Camra’s interest in continuing to support golf in Seychelles. Camra has its offices located in Trinity House, 1st floor, Albert Street.