Letter to the Editor


They are lucky and fortunate to be in a prison like in Seychelles -- getting timely food, comfortable cell, good medical facilities and a peaceful environment.

I read in international papers about the miserable conditions of prisoners in Somalia and other African countries.

I feel pity and sad for those who are languishing in Somali prisons, as well the deplorable living conditions of our brothers Rolly Tambara and Marc Songoire who are still in the grips of pirates. I doubt if they are getting the same facilities and comfort as suspected Somali pirates and those convicted of piracy are getting at Montagne Posée.

I request the authorities to explain to the pirates and make them realise that they are fortunate at Montagne Posée prison compared to people in need of food and other needs in Somalia.
I pray for the safe return for Mr Tambara and Mr Songoire as soon as possible.

K.D. Pillay