Aftermath of MNA Manoo’s resignation-By-election in Anse Aux Pins due within 30 days


The Electoral Commission was yesterday served with a Certificate of Vacancy by Speaker Patrick Herminie as conclusive evidence that the seat held by Dr Manoo is now vacant.

It is to be recalled that Mr Manoo tendered his resignation on Wednesday.
Electoral Commission chairman Hendrick Gappy told Seychelles Nation that the 30 days will commence after he receives written notification of the vacant seat, from the Speaker.

Nomination Day for candidates is 21 days prior to the first day of polling, which will be spread over three days. That is to allow voters registered for that district, but who are presently residing on other islands, including the outer islands, the chance to cast their votes.

Just after Nomination Day, 18 days of campaigning are allowed, to be followed by a three-day “cooling off period”.

Should there be only one candidate on Nomination Day, he or she will be declared unopposed and declared by the Electoral Commission to be the elected MNA for Anse Aux Pins.