Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Shin passes away


Master Shin presenting a prize to a Seychellois karateka on his visit to Seychelles in 2009

Kwang Chang Nim, Jae C. Shin has been having health issues and recently he was confined to a bed. At 9.43am on Monday July 9, 2012, Grandmaster Shin passed away. His family was with him up to the last minute. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Grandmaster Shin's life will be celebrated at two services to be held in his honour. The funeral service will be held for family and friends tomorrow at noon near the site of the new headquarters, in Burlington, North Carolina. The second service shall be held at the grand opening of the new world headquarters.

Grandmaster Shin passed away a week before the launch of the WTSDA World Championship which begins on July 20 and the grand opening of the new world headquarters on Sunday July 22. The new world headquarters is a long-time dream of Grandmaster Shin and although he will not be among us to witness its grand opening, he lived to see that dream turn into reality.

Grandmaster Shin, who visited Seychelles in August 2009, was the founder of the World Tang Soo Do Association, and was one of the leading figures of martial arts in the world.

Born in Korea in 1936, Master Shin began his distinguished career in martial arts at the age of 12. His six fields of expertise included self-defence, forms, breaking, weapons, healthcare, and meditation.

One of the most respected and well known masters in his century, Grandmaster Shin was one of the few masters who devoted his entire life to the traditional martial arts.  In addition to insisting on discipline, rigorous training and exacting techniques, he always preached that the true value of martial arts training is in the application to everyday life. 

He raised three mottoes for his leadership of nearly 8,000 black belt members: traditionalism, professionalism and brotherhood. He brought these qualities with him wherever he travelled and taught. Grandmaster Shin is respected as a true leader, teacher and master of masters.

Grandmaster Shin’s passing is a devastating blow to all who loved and respected him. Now is the time for reflection and it is up to each one of us who loved and respected him to remember his life of integrity and leadership, to hold fast to the WTSDA unity, and to carry on his mission to spread Tang Soo Do throughout the world.

Northern Tang Soo Do joins the WTSDA family in upholding the legacy of our Grandmaster by striving to keep Tang Soo Do alive in Seychelles and show pride in this invaluable gift he has given us.

Tang Soo!

Northern Tang Soo Do