Youth assembly votes in three more motions


The SNYA during their third session on Saturday

This was the first of three motions brought forward and approved when the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) met for the third time on Saturday morning in the presence of Seychelles National Youth Council chief executive Vicky van der Westhuizen and coordinator of SNYA Jeanetta Ali.

Young honourable Ron Felix from Cascade further explained his motion by saying many young returning graduates do not have the amount of money being asked for the luxury apartments and would greatly appreciate the government looking into the said targeted group’s welfare.

The second motion to be passed – which stirred a chorus of agreement – was by Marie-May Anacoura from the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) who said it was time the Ministry of Education looked into the welfare of a high number of NIHSS students who failed to complete their courses due to premature differing.

She argued although the course is demanding and higher expectations and deadlines are expected to be met, more leniencies should be implemented as well as support at all levels from the Ministry and NIHSS staff in general.

The third motion passed by Beguita Melanie from Pointe Larue was calling for the equipping of all school libraries as well as the National Library with more resources so as to raise the quality of service offered by these places.

This includes more books, communication facilities and updated resources.