Children from orphanages enjoy day of fun at the beach



The children being served snacks during the picnic
The event took place on Saturday at Beau Vallon in the presence of community service

counsellor of the Round Table Nigel Pillay, the association’s vice-chairman Vincent Kim

Koon, immediate ex-chairman Bernard Delpeche and SeyPearl representatives.

Mr Pillay said the event is an annual one and since it was a picnic they thought

partnering with SeyPearl was ideal.

“We wanted to have the picnic in March to coincide with International Round Table day

but could not as most of the children were going through lent at the time,” he said.

The picnic party included 19 children from the Foyer de Nazareth, 21 from Foyer de la

Providence, 41 from the President’s Village, five young adults from the La Misère

retreat and nuns who had accompanied the children to the beach.