Messages of congratulation to new Mauritian President-President Michel hails growing bonds between Seychelles and Mauritius


In his congratulatory letter to President Purryag, President Michel spoke of the continually growing bonds between Mauritius and Seychelles, further fuelled by the State visit to Seychelles last month of the Mauritian Prime Minister, Navinchandra Ramgoolam.

The President also cited the historic agreement on the continental shelf shared by the two nations as evidence of their growing friendship and bilateral relations.

“Today, the strategic partnership which exists between our two contries is more important than ever in light of the challenges we face as a region in terms of sustainable development and piracy. But our agreement on a shared continental shelf also multiplies the possibilities for joint development of the blue economy, and thus we approach these challenges with shared optimism.”

On behalf of the people of Seychelles, the President concluded by extending his sincere wish for success and prosperity to President Purryag, who was formerly Speaker of the National Assembly of Mauritius.