Airtel promo offers bigger and more attractive prizes


The star prize Kia Picanto on display at the Orion Mall

The company has decided to put out a big star prize and other very interesting prizes, which customers will definitely take pleasure in winning, by simply enjoying the use of the Airtel network.

The star prize is a brand new Kia Picanto, and there will be ten consolation prizes, which include an LCD television set, microwave oven, cooker and X-Box video game.

All Airtel prepaid customers qualify for the promotion and the criteria is based on the use of airtime on voice and text messages (SMS).
The promotion will work as follows:

• Customers’ prepaid usage have been analysed and individuals have been set achievable targets to qualify.

• Customers are individually sent an SMS to advise them of their set target so that they can choose to take part should they wish to. They do not necessarily need to do anything other than use the balance in their accounts, or increase the balance in their accounts if necessary to be able to reach their targets.

• The principle is, once the customer reaches a target that has been set for him/her, the client qualifies for a virtual ticket. From then on, a customer can get more tickets for every extra R10 that they use above their set target.

For example, a client with a set target of R100 will get a ticket once his usage has reached R100. If he reaches R110, he will get a second ticket. At R120 he will get a third ticket, and so on.

This offer was launched on July 9 and will end on August 12, meaning that prepaid customers have more than a month to meet and exceed their targets to earn their chances of winning the prizes.
All tickets associated with a mobile number will be entered into a lottery and the draw will be made after that. The winners will be announced on TV, radio and published in the local newspapers.

Clients are asked to watch out for the Airtel advert on television and FM radio, and the Kia Picanto to be won is already on display at the Orion Mall.


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