Mahe Design & Build help rebuild LightStars


 Mr Arnephie (left) hands over a T-Shirt and a football to Mr Volcère as the LightStars players look on

Bel Eau-based Mahe Design & Build has joined in the rebuilding process of the LightStars team and hopes the Praslin side portrays them well on the field.

After presenting LightStars manager Marc Volcère with two complete sets of uniforms and five footballs, Mahe Design & Build logistics officer Alister Arnephie described LightStars like a small team playing in a big league.

“Like Mahe Design & Build, a new company that is building a reputation for itself and is competing with bigger companies in the construction industry, LightStars are also a small team from Praslin who play week in and week out against bigger teams in the big league,” he said.

“We hope LightStars make the Mahe Design & Build company proud on the pitch as the company is making the team proud,” continued Mr Arnephie, who added that LightStars should aim for the best as the sky is the limit.

As he thanked Mr Arnephie and asked him to convey his and the team’s appreciation to the owner of Mahe Design & Build, Mr Volcère said LightStars are happy to carry the logo of the construction and design company.

“A football team depends a lot on contributions from sponsors and we appreciate what Mahe Design & Build has done for us. Hopefully this relationship continues,” said Mr Volcère during Saturday morning’s hand-over ceremony at the Mahe Design & Build headquarters, Bel Eau.

Mr Arnephie, who happens to be the team manager of second division side Tigers of Anse Boileau, explained that the custom-made uniforms, which include shirts, shorts and socks for outfield players and goalkeepers, have been designed by Mahe Design & Build and printed in England.

The home kit is white and blue, while the away one is white and red.
The team warmed up for the St Michel match with a 3-2 win over Quincy on Saturday at Stad Linite.

G. G.