By-election candidate loses bid for more air time


Mr Georges had claimed that his fellow candidates Jane Carpin and Meggie Marie had been unfairly allocated more air time on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s (SBC) political broadcasts.

The broadcasts started yesterday, when Mr Georges argued they ought not to have been awarded time normally given to political parties “because this is a district and not a general election”.

He noted he was not allocated any time on July 27 and August 4 as had been the political parties – Popular Democratic Movement which is fielding Ms Carpin and Parti Lepep of Mr Marie.

Judge Karunakaran said the court needed to make a decision quickly hence the case was fast tracked.

“As rightly submitted by the petitioner's counsel (Anthony) Derjaques, the relief sought herein requires extreme urgency and any delay in delivering the ruling in this matter may not serve the purpose and the petitioner may not be able to realise the fruits of the ruling if given in his favour. This would obviously, amount to denial of justice to the petitioner,” he said.

But he concluded the petition was devoid of merit and dismissed it, saying the detailed reasons for the ruling will be given on Monday.

He said the SBC’s allocation of time is “right in the eyes of the law”, and made no order for costs in the case.

Anse aux Pins’ electorate go the polls from August 8 to 10 to elect a new member of the National Assembly after former MNA Dr Jowhla Manoo resigned.