Equator Institute promises to do more for Seychelles


Members during the Equator Institute’s AGM on Saturday

This was revealed during the institute’s annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday at the School of Education auditorium Mont Fleuri.

The meeting was attended by the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander as well as social development principal secretary Linda William-Melanie.
Also there were members of the Equator Institute’s board of directors including new chairman Andy Julie and vice-chairperson Sabrina Agathine, as well as other members.

This institute elected its board of directors recently and the other new members serving a two-year term are Hubert Bouchereau, Fred Hoareau, Alain De Commarmond, Nathalie Didon, Allan Kilindo, Paul Laurence, Wilson Nancy, Marie- Claude Morel and Unice Romain.

The Equator Institute, which is a think tank for Seychelles, is a non-profit independent organisation primarily aimed at bringing together Seychellois professionals and it was launched early in 2010 by President James Michel, who is also the institute’s patron.

A think tank is an organisation that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology issues and in the creative and cultural fields.

Mr Julie said the general meeting aims to start a new era in the sharing of one’s knowledge and experience with a common purpose.

“This is for the betterment of Seychelles through its positive development,” he said.

He added that it is neither the board of directors nor Mr Michel who is responsible for the continuity and success of the institute. This responsibility falls on all of us, as professionals and as members of this prestigious organisation, he said.

“It is we who must continue to keep on making our voices heard through meetings, workshops and seminars,” said Mr Julie, who also told members to “work together to devise concrete action plans so that we can indeed attain the goals and objectives that were originally set up for the Equator Institute”.

During the plenary session some delegates voiced out their opinions on the way the organisation can bring forward their ideas to the government. It was suggested that government ministries seek professionals from the think tank for advice or to find solutions for any issues and together submit on paper to the cabinet of ministers.

Other members wanted to learn more about the institute itself, where it gets its funding and how often the members will meet.