More projects to help drug addicts


Parents with Hope members during their recent meeting

These projects were put forward during the association’s meeting held recently at the Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations of Seychelles (Lungos) headquarters at the Orion Mall.

Present were Parents with Hope chairperson Edna Jean and secretary Lorna Cedras as well as other members.

Among the projects which have been approved by the association and submitted to the authorities is a ‘half-way home’.

Mrs Cedras said this ‘half-way home’ is to be a place where drug addicts can prepare themselves to go back to their own homes and families.

“It will be like a home after having gone through rehabilitation as many are not strong enough to go back to their own homes and face their relatives and the society as a whole,” said Mrs Cedras.

He added that they are also waiting for the Methadone Centre project which has been promised to help cure the drug addicts.

“But in the meantime, while we wait for the approval of the half-way home project and the centre we are also considering other possibilities. For example, the possibility of using the community centres in the central region as drop-in areas for drug addicts,” she said.

Mrs Cedras said these addicts can spend the day at the centres where counselors will be available as well as other people who will entertain them and make sure they also develop any skills they may have and which can stand them in good stead when they go back into society.