Taekwondo moves to the forefront




Danny Emmanuel (first right) and Jean-Pierre Bristol (first left) with their certificates in the presence of Master Canaya and the four Korean experts


Black belt holders Danny Emmanuel and Jean-Pierre Bristol got the chance to go to Korea as a welcome gift from the World Taekwondo Association after Seychelles became a member last year, said STA executive secretary Yvette Antat.

The ceremony took place at the Plaisance community centre in the presence of four Taekwondo experts from Korea – Joo Sang Bum, Lee Min Young, Park Sang Eon and Kim Kyulim – who are here on a working visit and were also introduced to local students.

“They have been here since July 18 conducting mini trainings with our local martial artists,” said Mrs Antat, adding that the four Koreans – all holder of four dans – come from the Taekwondo Peace Corps and are in Seychelles for 34 days where they will visit all three dojos – Roche Caïman, Grand Anse and Anse Boileau – to teach and share their knowledge and skills with students.

The students during Monday’s training session

At the end of the ceremony each of them were given T-shirts with the association’s logo on them.

R. B.