New ‘Seychelles in your pocket’ map released


Copies of the newly released maps

The cover and the maps inside are all designed by hand and printed in a matt and waterproof paper.

The maps are distributed free of charge by the Seychelles Tourism Board before the visitors pass the immigration office at the airport arrival and to all its offices abroad and locally.

They are also distributed by hotels, restaurants, boats and  yacht charters, diving centres, art & craft galleries and shops, car hirers, helicopters, and by the major tour operators in Europe.

The maps, which are updated every year and printed in 150,000 copies, are encased in a luxury packaging, thus making it a deep marketing tool for Seychelles’ destination as  the visitors keep it as a collection-souvenir item.

They are produced by Seychellois company ANTIK COLONY PTY LTD, Pirates Arms Arcade, Victoria, tel 4 321700, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some of the special features of the publication is a help card which contains emergency numbers (Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance, Hospital, Coast guard, Helicopters etc.)