Hotel staff take part in beach cleaning event


The Fisherman’s Cove team celebrating a job well done

This action was part of a global initiative from Starwood Hotels and Resorts (to which Le Méridien Fishman’s Cove belongs) called “Taking pride in our places” where a close eye is kept on the local community.

Geared up, paired off, the teams descended along the coast line of the Beau Vallon beach, collecting and properly disposing of the trash that littered the beach.

After an intensive team effort, lasting over two hours, the team regrouped at the hotel to be rewarded with light snacks and drinks by the management.

A thank you speech from the general manager and several group pictures later, the event ended at 6pm. It is such initiatives that we hope will encourage a more sustainable environment, not only within the hotel, but also within the global community.

At Starwood Hotels and Resorts, we place tremendous value in our indigenous surroundings and our involvement in local area restoration, preservation and beautification projects ensures that these unique travel experiences are kept alive for our guests, associates, families and communities.
It’s important that all our communities fully reach their potential as well.