Minister Morgan in talks with US secretary of state


The Seychelles delegation in a souvenir photograph with Mrs Clinton

Mr Morgan also delivered to Mrs Clinton a letter from President James Michel, as a follow-up on bilateral discussions which took place between the Seychellois head of state and Mrs Clinton on the margins of the London Conference on Somalia in February 2012.

In his letter, President Michel has expressed Seychelles’ appreciation on the stance that the US is taking against piracy and has also solicited the further support of the US towards the release of Marc Songoire and Rolly Tambara, who are still being held captive by Somali pirates.

The meeting between Minister Morgan and Mrs Clinton formed part of a working visit the minister had in Kenya, where he was accompanied by a Seychellois delegation comprising Ambassador Joseph Nourrice, Chief Superintendent of Police Godfra Hermitte and the honorary consul of Seychelles to Nairobi, Jude Loveday.

The minister briefed Mrs Clinton on developments in relation to piracy in the region, as well as the plight of our two nationals being held hostage by the pirates and the attempts being made to secure their release.

He reiterated President Michel’s request for further assistance from the US in this endeavour, in order to intercede with the Somalia Transitional Federal Government for leveraging pressure on the pirates to secure the hostages’ release.

Other key issues discussed included maritime security, new developments in the Horn of Africa and the use of Port Victoria as a hub for US naval ships operating in this region.

Minister Morgan remarked that Seychelles offers an ideal location for US naval vessels and personnel, given that Port Victoria can provide the required facilities and that it remains a peaceful and secure environment.

He suggested to Mrs Clinton that it would be opportune for the US to consider reopening their embassy in Victoria, in view of the ever closer ties developed recently between the two countries, especially where regional security and counter piracy, counter terrorism and narcotics are concerned.

Minister Morgan and Mrs Clinton also discussed the newly established Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution and Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC), where it was noted that Seychelles would be playing a lead role in bringing the financiers and organisers of piracy to justice.

Mrs Clinton expressed appreciation for the leadership role that Seychelles was playing in the fight against piracy, an area which she said the US will continue to provide the necessary support.

She also commended the Seychelles government for its good governance performance and welcomed the suggestion of reopening the US embassy which she said she would take into consideration.

Mrs Clinton has also expressed her support in assisting with the release of our two compatriots, as well as her full commitment to back Seychelles in ensuring that action is taken against those responsible for their kidnapping.

Minister Morgan has described the meeting as very warm and positive, concluding that the cooperation between the Seychelles and the US is set to take a new dimension, through the strengthening of the existing collaboration, as well as new opportunities for cooperation.

“There are positive developments in the making which will definitely propel the co-operation between Seychelles and the United States to a higher level,” commented Minister Morgan.