Assembly backs Seychelles’ move to define its maritime boundary


Both motions were presented to the assembly by the leader of government business Marie-Antoinette Rose.

The first motion relates to the agreement signed between Seychelles and the Union of the Comoros on the delimitation of the maritime boundary of the EEZ and the continental shelf of the Indian Ocean.

The second motion refers to the agreement between Seychelles, the Union of the Comoros and the government of the United Republic of Tanzania on the delimitation of the maritime boundary of the tripoint of the EEZ and the continental shelf of the Indian Ocean.

Both agreements were signed in Seychelles on February 17 this year.

A tripoint is a geographical point at which the borders of three countries meet.

Ms Rose said such agreements are of great advantage to Seychelles especially for the future generation as well as to the other parties involved.

She said Seychelles has recently signed such agreement with Mauritius.
“This delimitation of our maritime boundary and EEZ will allow us to reclaim our waters and all its resources,” she said.

Ms Rose added that such agreements will also allow us to seriously deal with illegal poaching and fishing as well as pirates which are more and more becoming a nuisance in the region.

“Seychelles has a leadership role in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean and by demarcating our maritime boundaries and EEZ we will be in a better position to deal with piracy.”

She added that Seychelles also attaches great importance to the protection of its environment both at sea and on land.

She also congratulated all those who are involved in this delimitation work which she has described as very technical.

Ms Rose noted Seychelles, Comoros and Tanzania are demarcating their maritime boundaries in a civilised manner.

Among other members who spoke in favour of the motions were opposition leader David Pierre, Chantal Ghislain and Charles Decomarmond.